Welcome to the website for House Thundershield. We are a household residing in the East Kingdom of the Society for Creative Anachronism, a group dedicated to researching and recreating pre-17th century European history. The emphasis is on Medieval Europe, but we get a lot of interest in other cultures from the same period.

Our household has a smattering of several cultures tossed in. The majority lean to Viking personas, but we've got Reingoths, a Moldavian, a handful of Crusaders, Northern Japanese and many more... One of the beauties of the SCA is that you have the freedom to follow your interests wherever they take you, and our household members have certainly done that!

The house began as a fighting unit, but we have many members whose interests lie elsewhere. In truth, our household is comprised of our extended SCAdian family - the people we hold near and dear. You'll find many different areas of interest in this group. Blacksmithing, blackwork, embroidery, leather working, sewing, calligraphy, illumination, cooking, equestrian activities, bards, we've got it all...

Our website will continue to grow as the interests of the house expand, so we hope you will come back and visit us regularly.

- Jarl Thorson, Head of House Thundershield