Sir Gareth Grey de Wilton

SCA Residence:
Le Dragonet

Order of Chivalry
Order of the Tygers Combattant
Order of the Silver Crescent
Award of Arms
Queen's Honor of Distinction (Roxane)
Order of the Iceberg

Sir Gareth is an 12th century Norman crusader, who travels extensively throughout the land. Absent on the day of the poverty vows, Gareth likes to dress well. After going on pilgrimage to the middle east he realized a sense of completeness and well being. You will notice him on the field in his crusader garb, bright white tabard with a brilliant red cross on both front and back. During Thorson's Reign, Gareth sported Viking garb and changed from a regular heater to a kite, and has started to prefer the kite over other shields.

Sir Gareth was squired to Sir Thorson in 2001 at the freehold encampment at Pennsic and became a member of the Order of Chivalry at Birka 2006. His interests have expanded over the years and include armoring, brewing, needlework and calligraphy. He is also a student of Master Cenwulf Beares.


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