Mistress Gwenhwyfar Dinas Emrys

SCA Residence:
Le Dragonet

Order of the Pelican
Grant of Arms
Court Baroness
Order of the Maunche
Order of the Burdened Tyger (2)
Queen's Order of Courtesy
Award of Arms
Queen's Honor of Distinction (Geneviere)

Gwenhwyfar is a 14th century Welsh/English woman, she has been known to dabble in the late period as well, ranging from England to Italy. Her persona is that of a daughter of a shipping merchant with a healthy business. A woman who is never quiet, she is a rare medieval woman who feels compelled to speak her mind, and to champion the under dog. Lately her ‘business’ has taken her all over the world, so she is infrequently found at events. When she does attend events you can find her not far from her companion and protector, Sir Gareth Grey de Wilton.

Mistress Gwenhwyfar became a member of Thundershield at Pennsic XXIIIV in the freehold encampment. Her interests vary wildly from needle arts to cooking and politics. She is currently apprentice to Mistress Suzanne des Londres, whom she doesn’t see often enough!



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