Sir Pellandres dit le Frere

SCA Residence:
Barony of L'ile du Dragon Dormant

Order of Chivalry
Landed Baron
Order of the Tyger's Combattant
Order of the Silver Crescent
Award of Arms
Queen's Order of Courtesy

Pellandres was born in 1153 in Picardy in the North of France. Travelling to Aquitaine, the knight he was following was killed in a skirmish. This led him to join the Temple for a term, which had him trained in warfare and send to Castille to fight the Moors. the Order afterward sent him to the Holy Land where he escorted pilgrims form St-Jean-D'Acre to Jerusalem.

His contract fulfilled, he came to the Northern Shores of the East Kingdom where he was tasked with finding recruits for Crusading. Having done so, he settled down, hoping to start a family before getting too old. He has since been elevated to the baroncy as he administers the lands if Isle du Dragon Dormant and protects the Western March, an Ealdormerian-Eastern zone of contention on their mutual border.

Pellandres has recently been freed from his liege allegiance to Duchess Marieke van der Dal so he could swear liege fealty to the King of the East. He is also in fealty as a squire to Jarl Thorvald Halversson.



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