Lord Petru Voda

SCA Residence:
Barony of L'ile du Dragon Dormant

Order of the Silver Crescent
Order of the Burdened Tyger
Award of Arms
Ordre du PŔlerin (Havre des Glaces)

Petru cel paros Voda was born in 1453 in a remote village stuck in a remote corner of a remote principality named Moldavia. If the precise location and name of this village was of any historical importance, it would be debated by many Scholars and Heralds these days, and be a subject for serious articles and conferences; but obviously it isn't... draw your own conclusions...

Anyway, Petru's birth doubtlessly acerts the efficiency of period birth control techniques, for we know him no brothers and sisters. Young Petru would happily have remained in his village for the rest of his days, drinking tšuika, breeding furry hats, throwing rocks at passerbys and cavorting with goats (easy) and aurochs (not so easy). Alas for Petru, his fellow villagers took him on a trek to the Baltanes festivities one year, and he got lost on the way back home. Whether this was due to the consumption of tšuika or to one of the passerbys throwing rocks back at him or one of the goat kicking him in the head is still a mystery. Possibly he had the furry hat covering his eyes as well... All we know for sure is that he finally wound up in L'Ile du Dragon Dormant, where he immediately set upon doing what he loved best: causing mischief.

This proved to be quite a nuisance for the fellow citizens of L'Ile du Dragon Dormant, who tried everything to curve his chaotic instincts. A young crusader named Pellandres tried to bring him up in an upright way by taking him as his man-at-arm. Obviously this attempt failed as well, for a few years later, in a desperate attempt to keep him in check, the mighty knight Thorson took him on as a squire. Alas to no avail! So the good gentles of Dragon Dormant convened and agreed that the best way to keep Petru out of trouble (and most importantly, out of causing trouble) was to burden him with administrative charges. So they elected him seneschal... little do they know...

For Petru, busy though he his, has not renounced his earlier ways... indeed, his megalomaniac ego has spawned the most ambitious plan of all times... Petru will run all over the Northern Shores, and encourage new people to join him, in an effort to raise an army to fight in his name, so these Northern Shores will break free of the Eastern grip and become in turn a new kingdom, a great kingdom, filled with fearless and brave fighters, comely wenches, furry hats, strong tšuika and attractive goats... a Kingdom named in his honor... yessss.... Petruvia.... Beware! for he will let nothing, and no one, stand in his path....


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