Sir Robert of Roelent (formerly Ishido)

SCA Residence:
Kingdom of Caid

Order of Chivalry
Court Baron
Order of the Tyger's Combattant
Order of the Burdened Tyger
Award of Arms
Purple Fret x 2 - Baronial service award
Red Company - Baronial fighting award
Golden Affodyl - Baronial courtesy/chivalry award

Robert was born in Normandy in 1038 - a second cousin to the young Duke of that land - William. His father followed Robert Guiscard to Sicily, where he was placed in charge of erecting fortifications in the lands that were acquired by the Normans.

Robert was placed in fosterage in England under Edward the Confessor. He got a first hand education of the mechanics ruling by being part of the army raised after the exiling of the Godwin family and the re-reinstatement of the same a year later by military force.. While most of the Normans of the court fled to the continent when Godwin returned, Robert remained and was later knighted by the Confessor.

Robert remained in England and took service with Earl Ralf in Herefordshire and learned the ways of the Welsh borderland. In a failed experiment, the Saxon troops under Ralf were instructed to fight from horseback against an invading force from Wales led by Daffyd ap Lwellyn. He then was a witness to the fate of Ralf's fortunes as he was "rescued" from the Welsh by the men of Wessex under Harold Goddwinson, and forced into the position of a vassal state of Harold's' holdings.

When Ralf died a few years later, Robert returned to Normandy and joined with the men of his cousin Hugh. He fought in Maine and Brittany, and was one of the first to answer William's call when he announced his plan to invade England. Following a successfully battle at Hastings, his knowledge of the people and language of the island made him a valued resource for William as he set about attempting to subdue his new kingdom.

Recently Robert has been granted a stretch of land to hold for the King and is planning on building a castle (on the site of a Welsh prince's ruined estate) on the northern fording place of the river Clwyd. He has taken interest in a lass from the Wirral who is of good Danelaw stock who has agreed to aid him in this endeavor. If he can attract enough workers to the land (shouldn't be hard since the North was harried there are dis-possesed all about), Robert believes he can turn this waste into a golden land - so it has been dubbed "Roelent".


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