Baroness Valeria Laskaris

SCA Residence:
Barony of L'ile du Dragon Dormant

Landed Baroness
Award of Arms

Constantinople, Byzantine Empire

O! Behold the hardships of a woebegone maid,
Gaiety abound ere love's acquaintance be severely repaid,
For a more grievous blow could not have been so dealt,
Neither by sharpened sword nor poisoned lance, were it to be felt,
Than that of the decree upon her person unjustly laid.

Such was the fate of Lady Constantina Laskarina. A deleterious calamity to be certain! Forbidden love… between a noble Crusader and the daughter of a wealthy Byzantine merchant. It was inconceivable! A man of Aidan Maddocks' standing simply did not marry beneath his station. "Noble blood does not commingle with common blood!", they would promulgate. Yet it did. And from that union, despite surrounding controversy, was borne a precious bundle dubbed Valeria. Alas, ever had sweet Constantina's destiny been foreshadowed by tragedy. Never would she know a mother's true blessing in the nurturing of her child. The truth of her untimely demise is of unspeakable sadness… and would hereafter poison the heart of one gallant knight.

* * * * * *

A soldier of the cross in times of war, a putrefied soul seeking vengeance to assuage his bereaved heart, Valeria's father failed to be present throughout his daughter's childhood and adolescence. Her maternal grandparents took it upon themselves to give her the best of what life could offer the Laskaris dynasty. Through her uncles, Valeria learned much of worldly concerns by means of travel and education. Her extended knowledge in diverse cultures' traditions helped her develop a keen interest in ethnic styles, specifically concerning raiment.

Within years of reaching her majority, Aidan Maddocks entrusted his daughter's safe passage across foreign lands to an old friend of the Order, Lord Pellandres dit le frčre. Unforeseen by all was the overwhelming love that would ensue from their voyage together. Once in Isle du Dragon Dormant, Valeria and Pellandres settled down to found a family and extend their service to the good people of said barony.

Contrary to her ill-fated mother, Lady Valeria's tale, though filled with its share of trials & strife, was akin to that of a rose twined about a sword… sometimes dealt with cold & bitter harshness not unlike that of a blade's steel, eliciting courage and strength of character, but ofttimes tempered with gentleness and caring, as typified by the beauty & fragility of a bloom, evidencing the love born within.

O! Behold the delights of an enchanted maid,
Heartache abound ere love's acquaintance be fortunately made,
For a more blessed fate could not have been so dealt,
Neither by sorcery nor bewitchment, were it to be felt,
Than that of the love upon her person virtuously laid.



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